About Chelsea

Chelsea Nix started riding at age three, when her mother passed along her love of horses to Chelsea. Chelsea rode in weekly lessons for many years until she was old enough to begin working at the barn, where she started to do turnout for 70+ horses every Saturday morning. Chelsea’s first horse was a young fiery red headed mare off the track that nobody would ride, under the guidance of Sally Hinkle-Russell a Grand Prix jumper rider in Connecticut, the horse and Chelsea became successful in eventing and jumpers. From this little mare, Chelsea fell in love with off the track thoroughbreds (OTTB) and her talent for green and “crazy” horses was found (and continues to this day!). Chelsea was an active member of the US Pony Club, attending the show jumping championships in Kentucky. It was through Pony Club that Chelsea found her love for eventing. Chelsea spent a summer in the mountains of Vermont at Vershire Riding School, training twice a day and riding in some of the top Area I events. During and after college Chelsea worked for a number of years on Wall Street, in the mergers and acquisitions industry and the currency trading market. She was very successful but decided to follow her dream of becoming a professional rider and trainer. Throughout her riding career Chelsea has been able to ride and work with many talented dressage, jumper and eventing teachers, including Sally Hinkle, Michael Page, Marilyn Payne, Susie Gornall, Steuart Pittman, and Paula Kierkegaard.

Sally gave Chelsea her first job teaching riding lessons at her farm, Mystic Valley Hunt Club, to children and adults. Being apart of a large lesson program gave Chelsea the opportunity to instruct all different types of people and learn to teach with different styles. Under Sally Hinkle and other mentor’s guidance Chelsea’s passion for the training and riding of the “ultimate” athlete was solidified and she has spent to date her riding time and horse education focused on training and caring for the competitive event horse.

Chelsea is a member of: USEA, USDF, USEF, USHJA
2014 Season

Kent School HT - Fusaichi, ON Dressage 31.3, Final placing 2nd out of 13
Waredaca HT - Fusaichi, NH Dressage 37.4, Final placing 8th out of 13
Horse Park of NJ - Fusaichi, ON Dressage 32.5, Final placing 10th out of 13
Town Hill Farm HT - Fusaichi, OT Dressage 41.8, Final placing 7th out of 8
Bucks County HP HT - Fusaichi, OT Dressage 40.0, Final placing 7th out of 13
Waredaca HT - Fusaichi, TH Dressage 39.6, Final placing 6th out of 10

2013 Season

Kent School HT - Regal Affaire, T Dressage 27.7, Final placing 9th out of 12

2012 Season

Plantation Field HT – Regal Affaire, N Dressage 30.0, Final placing: 8th out of 12

Horse Park of NJ HT I – Regal Affaire, N Dressage 35.5, Final placing 7th out of 14

Horse Park of NJ HT II – Regal Affaire, N Dressage 31.0, Final placing 5th out of 14

2011 Season

King Oak Farm HT - Regal Affaire, BN Dressage 26.0, Final placing 3rd out of 11

King Oak Farm HT - Spiderman, T Dressage 51.4, Final placing 9th out of 19

Town Hill Farm HT – Regal Affaire, BN Dressage 35.7, Final placing 2nd out of 12

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