There are many ways to join Chelsea and Team Penwick Eventing with the most important becoming an owner. What used to be an overwhelming financial commitment to acquire and maintain high quality horses has been made more affordable for the modern Eventing fan through syndication and co-ownership.

Ownership can come in many different shapes and colors. Chelsea will work to cater to specific needs to ensure you are entering into a transparent and enjoyable situation. Whether you want to buy a top horse, send an interesting young horse for training to gain mileage, breed the next superstar or hope to join a select group in support of an elite animal, becoming an owner can be extremely rewarding and is never dull, it’s like owning a piece of your own favorite sports team.

If you have any interest in joining our group of amazing owners no matter how large or small your commitment, Chelsea would love to talk to you.

Company sponsorship has many levels  and is a great way to be involved with Penwick Eventing Team. Penwick will provide recognition including logo placement on saddle pad Sign on trailer Ad on ; Logo on clothing worn by Chelsea and her staff and students; Use of Chelsea, her clients and images, voice in advertising; open to any and all ideas. Chelsea, her staff and clients can utilize your products at shows where hundreds of fellow horse people will see your product in action!

Chelsea is an active entrepreneur and is happy to work with your company in developing new products or improving current ones. She has several ideas waiting for the right horse product company to develop, just ask!  in addition to home use.

For more information on how to take advantage of the many opportunities involving Chelsea please contact us at 860-235-5938. 

Thank you to Leyla, Elizabeth, Beth, Devoucoux, Nutrena, Horizon Structures, Dr. Paul Mallonee for helping to make Penwick what it is today!

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