Chelsea is a dedicated teacher who strives to bring out the best in any horse and rider. She is known for her creative solutions and using real world descriptions to get the point across in as many different ways as needed for her students to learn.

Chelsea is available for private or group lessons on your own horse or one of her schooling or sale horses. Trailer-ins are welcome, we have an easy in and out set up, no trailer maneuvering is needed. 

Competing students can sign up for coaching at any level for both eventing, dressage or jumpers at a rate of $75/day. Chelsea can also help with conditioning schedules and show season planning. 

No matter what level you are riding at, Penwick Eventing looks forward to welcoming you to the team and helping you to reach your goals.

Lesson Prices:
Boarders $50
Non-Boarders $60
Children 30-minutes $40

Discounts available for lessons bought in packages of 10, see Chelsea for more details

Chelsea is available to teach clinics anywhere in the US at the rate of $600/day plus travel expenses and lodging if needed.
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