Penwick welcomes horses of all levels in for training. 

- All Packages: Sessions (training ride or lesson) cannot be carried forward from week to week or to the next month. Must be used each week unless there is a medical issue. Packages may be structured in may ways, please speak to Chelsea for more information.

All Training packages include the following in addition to the training rides:

  • Each ride/lesson will be for approx 45 minutes
  • An individual training plan will be discussed to meet owners goals
  • Lunging, bathing, wrapping, and basic vet care are included at no additional charge on an as needed basis
  • Worming on the barn schedule
  • Show preparation, braiding, clipping, mane pulling is not included

Individual training session can be purchased for $40 a ride, with the session lasting 45 minutes or as much time is needed for that session.

Young Horse Training (this is for horses who have not been started under saddle, rate valid for first month of training) $1,000/month (includes board), 4 training sessions a week for approximately 30+ minutes depending on what is needed for that day.

We will get your baby “stacked out”, started under saddle moving forward in the walk, trot and canter. With a foundation of dressage training your young horse will be ready for any discipline. We will also get them out and exposed to varied terrain, water and trails. We encourage owners to come and attend several sessions with their horse so they can be involved in the process. After the first 30 days your young horse can move into our Full Training program for further training.

Regal Affaire as a 3 year old


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